FILMHIVE provides creative professionals with community and resources to develop and workshop their own works-in-progress and those of peers. FILMHIVE fosters a sense of community to share knowledge, skills, and connections so that all may create their strongest work and build sustainable careers. In October 2019 FILMHIVE will open membership applications.

Membership Criteria

  • Working independently or as a freelancer or employee in film, television, or media arts.
  • All industry categories — producers, writers, directors, crew, actors.
  • Creates independent work (you have creative control; we do not workshop commercial or commissioned projects).
  • Committed to create your best work and to help peers workshop and create their best work.
  • A resident of Mississauga or with some connection (work, etc) or residing near Mississauga, so you can attend workshops and events.

We are currently developing programs to launch in the fall-winter of 2019/20. Please follow our Facebook page to stay informed of developments and opportunities.