A creative community of independent filmmakers and media artists based in Mississauga, Canada.

FILMHIVE provides a supportive community where film, television, and media artists share knowledge, resources, and connections to create strong work and build sustainable careers.


To invigorate cultural vibrancy and economic impact by empowering film and media artists.

Who we are

FILMHIVE is a Mississauga-based filmmaker collective. Participants are filmmakers and media artists working in film, television, and digital media. They can be emerging to established artists, writers, directors, crew, performers, producers who want to create their best personal work. For the community at large, FILMHIVE contributes cultural vibrancy and economic impact through public screenings, exhibits, and film-related events.

What we do

FILMHIVE provides a supportive, positive environment to workshop projects from script to post-production. FILMHIVE fosters connections and learning through networking, talks with experts, and workshops, and provides exhibition opportunities through public screenings and exhibits. For the community, FILMHIVE provides screenings, exhibits, and film-related activities, and generates economic opportunities.